Artist Spotlight: See Your Shadow Songwriting

See Your Shadow Songwriting is a musical creation entity currently based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Run by Michael Coleman, aka The Metropolitan Cowboy, See Your Shadow is unique in the fact that it is a collaborative network of talented vocalists and musicians who make the songs it creates their star.  Michael Coleman, the artistic director of See Your Shadow Songwriting, writes and produces all the songs created and released by See Your Shadow Songwriting.  See Your Shadow was launched in Columbus, Ohio, and takes its name from Michael Coleman’s birthday being Groundhog Day.  Michael Coleman and See Your Shadow Songwriting’s lyrical writing style packs such a punch, that Michael has earned the distinction of being the only professional songwriter ever nominated for the office of Poet Laureate for the State of Ohio. You can learn more about See Your Shadow Songwriting and experience the See Your Shadow Songwriting sound at its flagship website, 

Artist Interview: See Your Shadow Songwriting

Michael Coleman “The Metropolitan Cowboy”

What made you decide to jump into the music industry or music business?

See Your Shadow Songwriting (SYS:) Well, for me it just seemed to be the natural fit.  I mean to become a professional songwriter was just a merging of my natural talent as a poet and then my love of all types of music.  So, when I set out for a career in the arts, I asked myself what would make the most sense and writing songs was the answer.  Now although I create in all different types of mediums, music has always been my flagship and I always come back to music, no matter what else in the creative arts I may do.

What do you think makes you stand out from all the other aspiring and upcoming artists in your genre of music?

SYS: I think what makes See Your Shadow stand out is that we are not afraid to write about themes that people experience but are not often spoken about in songs.  We craft pieces with a level of emotion that is missing in most of the music of today and a good example of that is our award-winning song, “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello”.

If you could collaborate with ANY artist/band. . . who would you choose and why?

SYS: This is a tough question as there are so, so many.  I would love to write and produce a modern-day, “We Are The World” type of anthem, that way I can collaborate with all the people I admire on one project. 

Out of all the songs you’ve released, what do you think is your Best song and why?

SYS: Boy this is tough, it is like asking a parent, who is your favorite child, and I am supposed to say I love them all equally.  I do think, however, our breakout hit, the award-winning, “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello”  would rank right up there as one of my best songs.  It’s just the sheer power of that piece.  It still moves me. 

Between creating in the studio OR performing live on stage, which is your most enjoyable and why?

SYS: See Your Shadow is primarily a studio entity and I think that is what I like more because I can set the tone and really control what happens and there is certain energy when I get into the studio with the See Your Shadow Network of Stars, even though we are working, we just have a good time and you just never know what is going to happen, I could have a vision and then the energy in the room takes me to a totally different place.  That is how we created the first-ever country and western hip-hop recording, from an impromptu jam practicing to record another piece. 

What would you consider the most successful and proudest moment in your music career, so far?

SYS: Well definitely winning the award from The International Music Association for our breakout hit, “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello” was cool, and the five consecutive iTunes Number 1s, but I think getting my membership in the Country Music Association is at the top because it happened early on in the career, and it was very validating.

What inspires you most about the music industry these days?

SYS: I think the fact that there are more outlets for the independent artist.  Independents really are the wave of the future and fill a void that audiences are not getting from the major record labels.  

What kind of impact do you want to make with your music?

SYS: See Your Shadow is known for creating work that makes you feel.  That is our trademark and I think if my work can continue to do that, that will be the impact I want my music to have and that is what art is designed to do. 

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Reverend Dr. Dortheá Enriqúe (Goddess Dorthea Music) is the C.E.O. of Modern Soulful Living, LLC., holistic therapy practice and spiritual service-based business that uses art, music, and literature to focus on mind, body, and spiritual wellness to live a joyous and prosperous life. She is an accomplished spiritual counselor, holistic therapist, published author, healing arts practitioner, and soul-healing music therapist.

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