Check out this Artist Spotlight: TCW Tre with his dark mystical track “Nightlife”

16-year-old Minnesota-based artist and rapper TCW Tre continues to raise the bar in the alternative, gritty, and storytelling hip hop, with the striking intensity and equally haunting visuals of Nightlife.

TCW Tre is an artist known for throwing a wrench into the works and going against the grain of the current fashion trend in his career. The tone and range of his voice are incomparable and his mannerisms are all his own. The messages in his songs hold such a plot-twisting meaning under the shallow conjecture that gets stuck in your head.TCW Tre’s low-voiced bellow is deep, atonal, and easygoing, and its contained coolness is almost threatening. It’s a kind of rap rendition that wraps you around its low-voiced bellow.

The tune employs a genuine calm feel alongside a single vocal lead and minor echoes of voice for added impact, with essential yet haunting background and intense pace.

The vocal tone, the sharp delivery, the dynamic flow, and the similarly sharp, smart arrangement of the bars all contribute to the weight.

TCW Tre started releasing his songs on Jan 1st, 2020 with the intention to start the decade with a dream. TCW Tre is determined and confident he will reach his goals. In both sound and lyrics, TCW Tre’s voice is becoming increasingly distinct from the rest of the artist’s repertoire. In addition to being familiar and appealing, it authentically conveyed the song’s atmosphere, presented honesty, and revealed exposure. All while weaving through a series of flows that continually return to the creative and melodically captivating hook. He is expected to make great waves in his music.

Artist Interview

Modern Soulful Music: What made you decide to jump into the music industry or music business?

TCW Tre (TT:) I started singing a lot to songs and over time I just decided I wanted to make my own songs, so I literally looked up “how to make a song” and a website called “soundtrap” popped up and I went in and started making my first songs.

What do you think makes you stand out from all the other aspiring and upcoming artists in your genre of music?

TT: I talk about things a lot of other rappers don’t, I feel like rap nowadays is about ignorance and materialistic manners, I want to be the one who changes that.

If you could collaborate with ANY artist/band… Who would you choose and why?

TT: Xxxtentacion because he grew out of his ignorant manners and realized what life was all about, I wish he was still alive to continue his legacy.

Out of all the songs you’ve released, what do you think is your Best song and why?

TT: I have no idea, I’m constantly making better songs one after another. What used to be my best song, isn’t anymore.

Between creating in the studio OR performing live on stage, which is your most enjoyable one and why?

TT: I’ve always liked performing on stage. I like when the crowd can feel the music instead of casually listening in their free time.

What would you consider the most successful or proudest moment in your music career, so far?

TT: I’m at the beginning of my career and still have a lot of unreached milestones. Motivation is what keeps me making music. The thought of what I could be if I put my all into what I want motivates me.

What inspires you the most about the music industry these days?

MM: I make music about my life, I used to have a lot of issues in my life and even though they are solved, I still make music about them.

What kind of impact do you want to make with your music?

TT: I want to get rid of stereotypes about people. For instance, I’m a rapper, but I don’t swear, don’t do drugs, don’t talk about violence, and I only try to help people. A lot of people react negatively when I tell them I’m a rapper which isn’t alright with me.

Listen Now:

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