Meet our Best Artist of the Year 2022-2023 Finalist: Sunny Cowell #ModernSoulfulMusic #SunnyCowellMusic

The 2022-2023 Modern Soulful Music Awards have been opened. We know that a lot of you are here to strictly find your next favorite artist and song, so if you want to get right into the music, check it out below here!

Modern Soulful Music Awards (MSM:) What story/emotional narrative does your music tell?

Sunny Cowell (SC:) My music is about learning to love oneself as one navigates being in different types of relationships, both romantic and platonic. More specifically, my upcoming album in the fall, Anthology of Love, addresses the unique perspective of learning to love while also dealing with mental health challenges. It has songs with the following themes: temporary love to heal pain (my single “Here With Me”), the unrequited crush (my single “Center of Attention”), the one night stand, the “situationship”, the turbulent long term relationship, what people say when one ends a relationship, and more. The narrative tells a story that ends with oneself, where one is more confident and makes better choices, treating oneself better.

MSM: How does your music bring inspiration to the soul?

SC: My music brings inspiration to the soul because it creates a space of therapy through music. I hope that by listening to my music, fans identify with the emotions I convey and nuances that they rarely have a chance to express. I hope that fans feel seen and can better explore their own emotional mastery, freedom, and self-reflection by listening to my music.

MSM: Who inspires you? Who are your role models?

SC: I am inspired by a mix of artists that span genre such as R&B/soul artists Sade, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Donny Hathaway, Alina Baraz, classical composers like Debussy and Ravel, but most of all I am inspired by my jazz pianist father and composer Stanley Cowell. I am inspired by beautiful melodies, acoustic instruments that create an organic sound, electronic contrasts, and modern beats/percussion paired with quality composition. Many of the artists that inspire me incorporate some or all of these aspects and were classically trained in addition to playing multiple instruments like I do (voice, guitar, viola).

MSM: Why do you want to be an award-winning Modern Soulful Musician?

SC: I would like to be an award-winning Modern Soulful Musician because I would like the opportunity to share my music with a broader audience with the hope that it brings hope, light, therapeutic self-reflection, and joy into their lives.

Here at Modern Soulful Music, supporting artists is our #1 priority, we kindly ask you to check out the award-nominated Sunny Cowell.

Cast your vote by sharing the blog, playlist and/ or comment under the post with the hashtags #ModernSoulfulMusicAwards #ModernSoulfulMusic #SunnyCowellMusic

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Reverend Dr. Dortheá Enriqúe (Goddess Dorthea Music) is the C.E.O. of Modern Soulful Living, LLC., holistic therapy practice and spiritual service-based business that uses art, music, and literature to focus on mind, body, and spiritual wellness to live a joyous and prosperous life. She is an accomplished spiritual counselor, holistic therapist, published author, healing arts practitioner, and soul-healing music therapist.

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