#NewMusic Check out violinist Asher Laub’s latest modern-classical track: Atlantis!

The 2022-2023 Modern Soulful Music Awards have been opened. We know that a lot of you are here to strictly find your next favorite artist and song, so if you want to get right into the music, check it out below here! 

Asher Laub is a classically trained violinist who has taken his talents in a new, modern direction with his latest track, “Atlantis!” The result is a beautifully ethereal and emotive piece that will transport listeners to another world. Laub’s virtuosic playing is on full display here, and the overall production is top-notch. If you’re a fan of modern classical music, or simply looking for something different to add to your playlist, Atlantis!

 Asher Laub has released another original song, “Atlantis.” This is perfect for streaming play, especially for those who love to listen to the soothing sounds of the classical violin. It’s also the perfect listening experience for those who enjoy experimenting within musical confines, as Asher Laub combines violin and drum sets.

Asher Laub has a new project to show you. Listen to Atlantis here! 

“Atlantis” is inspired by the life of Asher Laub. The tempo with which he plays the violin at certain points in the song shows the ups and downs of his life. The combination of electronic violin sounds and drums makes this song very catchy even without lyrics.

Asher Laub is a rising violinist with a soulful and conscious ability to express themselves through the power of music extraordinarily, as well as create an intriguing thread of thoughts and pictures with sounds.

This unique music project, titled “Atlantis” by Asher Laub has an end goal of simply connecting people from all over the world with classical music that has a modern twist.

The classical yet pop instrumentation that makes up the arguably simplistic soundscape, yet never fails to intrigue and keep the listener engaged with the complex structure and layered elements.

Listeners can understand the full story behind “Atlantis” by watching the music video. Filmed in Maui, Hawaii, Asher Laub performs this soulful song on top of a rock in a beautiful beach scenery, transitioning from black & white to vivid color. 

At the Modern Soulful Music Awards, we know that classical music can be soothing and therapeutic to the soul, and we wanted to create a space where people could come to listen to the best of all genres. His exceptional violin playing can be compared to the mythical lost city of Atlantis. The entire mood of the song feels majestic and whimsical, leaving the listener wanting more. 

This is our absolute favorite thing to say. If you’ve read any of the blogs we publish, you’d know we put out this message. Connect with Asher Laub. More music will certainly be released in the future! We are as excited to keep you in the loop on future projects!

Here at Modern Soulful Music, supporting artists is our #1 priority, we kindly ask you to check out Asher Laub. 

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Reverend Dr. Dortheá Enriqúe (Goddess Dorthea Music) is the C.E.O. of Modern Soulful Living, LLC., holistic therapy practice and spiritual service-based business that uses art, music, and literature to focus on mind, body, and spiritual wellness to live a joyous and prosperous life. She is an accomplished spiritual counselor, holistic therapist, published author, healing arts practitioner, and soul-healing music therapist.

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