Modern Soulful Music Awards

The Modern Soulful Music Awards was created to uplift independent artists who are using their art to help heal the soul of themselves and others by sharing a powerful message.


  • All Award Winners will receive Artist of the Year Awards and free artist promo on our platform.
  • Every nomination entry will be entered into the Modern Soulful Music Awards playlist.
  • Once officially nominated, your followers (inclusive of self) may place votes by liking your blog, commenting directly, sharing the playlist over social media, or sharing your blog with the hashtags #ModernSoulfulMusic #SoulfulAwards (Artists with the most social interactions will win the Best Artist Award)

Your Music Deserves Recognition…

Nominate your favorite music video and/or best songs into our modern soulful music competition for your chance to win a Modern Soulful Music Award trophy, a key spotlight Modern Soulful Music Blog feature of the month, and a featured song on the top of our Modern Soulful Music Playlist. Your music will also have a chance to be featured on our Modern Soulful Music Awards Podcast.

Best Artist of the Year 2022-2023

Best Artist of the Year 2021-2022

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