#ListenNow Award Winner Savior Monroe takes us on a journey of sacred love and companionship with “God Is Love” @saviormonroe #SoulfulSpotlight

Love, marriage and sacred companionship are all elements that hold significance in our lives. They bring us a sense of warmth, comfort and belonging. And in the midst of this world, which is ever so chaotic, music becomes that therapeutic extension which helps us solidify our beliefs and values.

If you’re someone who’s into soulful hip hop, then Savior Monroe’s “God is Love” is one track that you shouldn’t miss. With its profound lyrics and captivating beat, the song unravels the beauty of love, marriage, and sacred companionship in a manner that touches your heart.

At the beginning of the song, Savior Monroe asserts that our Creator is a manifestation of love. And thus, loving is effortless if we embrace this understanding. “If God is love, loving you is natural babe.” he quips. In other words, when one understands that God is love, then love ceases to become the result of effort. Instead, it becomes a state of being.

The song goes on to beautifully celebrate love in all its forms. Savior Monroe speaks about the love he has for his significant other for who they are and not how they behave. This sentiment is critical for every relationship. When one loves another person, they love them for their being, and this love doesn’t wane when the beloved behaves differently than expected. It remains constant.

The chorus, “If God is love, loving you is natural babe” is intertwined with the sentiments about loving someone for who they are, not for how they act. These lines remind us of the simplicity of love. Loving someone is often reduced to grand gestures and fireworks. However, at its core, love is simplistic, organic and, as Savior Monroe suggests, natural.

In verse 2, Savior Monroe explores the importance of his lady’s self-love, which often goes overlooked in relationships. He gives an ode to his partner’s self-care routine, “The way you practice with sage, sit on your mat, meditate.” These lines highlight the importance of taking time for oneself and nurturing the relationship one has with oneself.

Overall, “God is Love” is a beautiful song that not only celebrates love but also illuminates the importance of sacred companionship and self-care. In a world where we are often engulfed by chaos and conflict, Savior Monroe’s “God is love” is a gentle reminder of the beauty of love and how it shapes our world.

#NewRelease Ava like Lava Shares Original NeoSoul Single: See Level

Ava like Lava, a rising artist in the NeoSoul genre, has released a new single entitled “See Level.” The song is a candid exchange with the listener about Ava’s personal struggles with emotional stability and internal volatility. See Level is a meditation on her introspective nature and her receptivity to signs, as well as her acknowledgement of her fallibility and the ways she holds herself back.

Set to an evocative slow pop soundscape, See Level captures the raw emotional intensity of Ava’s journey. It is the symbolic descend into the rabbit hole, located at the gateway to the “Malice in Wonderland” universe of Ava’s upcoming EP. Ava like Lava’s passion and dedication to her music bring forth a unique sound that is hard to ignore.

Upon release, See Level has already received praise from music enthusiasts around the world. “Ava like Lava’s new single, See Level, has really impressed me,” said one listener. “Her emotional honesty and introspection come through in every lyric and note. It’s a must-listen for anyone who loves soulful music and appreciates the power of one’s voice.”

Ava like Lava’s new EP promises to be a game-changer in the NeoSoul genre. You can listen to See Level and other tracks from Ava like Lava on SoundCloud.

About Ava like Lava:

Ava like Lava is a rising artist in the NeoSoul genre. She is known for her passion and dedication to her music, as well as her unique sound. Ava’s introspective nature and candid approach create a connection with listeners that is hard to ignore. With her upcoming EP, Ava like Lava is set to take the music scene by storm.

#HappyMothersDay Kid Travis announces modern acoustic song: HELLO MAMA #ListenNow

The 2023-2024 Modern Soulful Music Awards have just been opened, and Kid Travis is definitely an artist to watch out for. With his unique music style and soulful voice, he has already established a loyal fan base and is making waves in the music industry.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Kid Travis is excited to announce the release of his new acoustic single, “HELLO MAMA”. This original song is the perfect dedication to all the mothers out there, as the artist himself calls it “THE OFFICIAL MOTHERS DAY SONG”.

“HELLO MAMA” showcases Kid Travis’ ability to create soulful and touching music that resonates with his audience. The track is filled with raw emotions and powerful lyrics that tug at the heartstrings, making it the perfect tribute to all the amazing mothers in the world.

Kid Travis’ “HELLO MAMA” acoustic single is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates heartfelt music that touches the soul. So, if you’re looking for your next favorite artist and song, be sure to check him out.

At Modern Soulful Music, we are committed to supporting talented artists like Kid Travis, and we encourage you to do the same. Stream “HELLO MAMA” now and discover the magic of this phenomenal artist.

#NewMusic Kyle Lucas Shares Latest Original Lo-fi Pop Single, “I Wish You Would Call”

Modern Soulful Music Awards 2023-2024 welcomes Kyle Lucas as he shares his latest single, “I Wish You Would Call.”

As a gifted songwriter, Kyle has quickly risen to fame, captivating audiences all over the world with his emotive melodies and heartfelt lyrics. With this new release, Kyle looks to continue to connect with his fans on a deeper level, sharing his unique voice and vision with the world.

“I Wish You Would Call” features Kyle’s signature mix of Lo-fi Pop beats with deeply personal lyrics. As Kyle explains, “This song is a personal message to someone I care deeply about. I wrote it as a way to express my own feelings but also to let others know that they are not alone. It’s about reaching out to someone, even when things seem difficult and finding a way to connect.”

Fans can expect the same level of passion and emotion that has made Kyle’s previous releases successful. As a highly anticipated new single, “I Wish You Would Call” is sure to be a fan favorite. Kyle invites listeners to join him on this musical journey and experience the power of his unique voice and vision.

Kyle Lucas is a gifted songwriter with a talent for creating emotionally resonant music. He has quickly become one of the most sought-after artists in the Lo-fi Pop genre, captivating audiences all over the world with his emotive melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Kyle’s music is a powerful message, inspiring listeners to connect with one another and find the deeper meaning in their lives.

Follow Kyle Lucas on social media to stay up to date on his latest music and upcoming concerts. https://www.instagram.com/kylelucasofficial/

#SoulfulSpotlight Roast Apple Shares Hopeful Indie Pop Single: Light Years. Listen now…

 Indie pop group Roast Apple has released their latest single, “Light Years,” an original track that showcases their signature sound with a hopeful message. The song was written and recorded in collaboration with songwriter Duncan Townsend in their Hamburg rehearsal room, with production by Henrik Menzel.

In “Light Years,” Roast Apple offers a message of hope in a world filled with uncertainty. The band’s lead singer sings of “driving with our eyes closed, I don’t care where life goes,” urging listeners to enjoy the journey and not focus too much on the destination.

“Sometimes it doesn’t go straight ahead. Sometimes there are detours. But ‘Jungles don’t care where the waterfalls,'” the band explains. “With all the madness going on in the world right now, Roast Apple wants to set a sign that there is still good out there.”

The band’s message is clear: no matter what is happening in the world, we are all in this together. And with their blend of indie pop and soulful music, Roast Apple is poised to make a big impact on the music world.

“Light Years” is available now on all major music platforms.

Thug It Out is a recently released alternative Hip Hop track from Butch Vega: don’t miss out!

Butch Vega, an up-and-coming rapper, has just released his latest single, Thug It Out. The original Alternative Hip Hop track is a mellow and introspective song that reflects on Vega’s past and present struggles chasing a career as an artist.

Produced by UK producer Novmber, Thug It Out was released on April 20, 2023. Butch Vega shares his passion for music through the impactful lyrics that he delivers in a style that represents his unique sound. Vega’s music is a testament to his dedication to becoming a great artist while keeping grounded and relevant to his audience.

Modern Soulful Music recognizes the talented Butch Vega for his contribution to the music industry with this single. In a time when artists are encouraged to be true to their unique sound, Butch Vega is a breath of fresh air with his exceptional sound.

So, if you’re looking for the next big thing in music, tune in to Butch Vega’s Thug It Out. Modern Soulful Music has no doubt that you’ll be impressed with his music and his style. Check it out now!

Check out Brian Walker latest commercial track: When I Start To Care #ListenNow

Brian Walker has just released a new commercial single titled When I Start To Care. The track has already received positive feedback from music enthusiasts and industry experts alike. The song was written by Brian himself and was produced by him too.

When I Start To Care has been mixed by DJ Swivel and mastered by Chris Gehringer. The song is about catching feelings for someone and overthinking it, pushing the relationship too hard. It’s a relatable track that resonates with Brian Walker’s soul-touching sound and aligns with his passion for creating soulful music.

Brian Walker, a gifted artist with a unique voice and a vast talent, was recently discovered as a potential finalist for the 2023-2024 Modern Soulful Music Awards. If you’re a fan of modern soulful music, you must take a moment to listen to Brian Walker’s new single. The track will undoubtedly captivate your attention and make you fall in love with Brian’s sound.

At Modern Soulful Music, we believe in supporting artists and showcasing their talent. If you’re looking for the next big thing, look no further than Brian Walker. Check out When I Start To Care on all major streaming platforms today and stay tuned for more exciting releases from Brian.

#ListenNow Lance Tingey Shares Original Adult Contemporary Single: Rough Patch #SoulfulMusic

Modern Soulful Music Awards has officially opened its doors for the 2023-2024 season and Lance Tingey is surely making an impression. With the release of single, Rough Patch, Tingey brings a fresh sound to the adult contemporary music genre.

Rough Patch is an emotional and personal single that showcases Tingey’s raw talent as a singer and songwriter. The song was written five years ago by Tingey who, at the time, was beginning to contemplate his own religious doubts and what it would be like to leave his faith. After years of battling with his personal beliefs, Tingey finally found the courage to produce and release this single.

“As someone who grew up Mormon, I wrote ‘Rough Patch’ when I first began to confront my own doubts about my faith,” said Tingey. “For a long time, I was scared of judgment from my family and friends, but years later, I finally had the courage to release it.”

Tingey’s Rough Patch speaks to anyone who has ever faced challenges in life, especially those that may seem insurmountable. The song’s powerful lyrics and Tingey’s soulful voice create a stirring tune that will stay with listeners long after they’ve finished listening.

“At Modern Soulful Music, our top priority is supporting artists like Lance Tingey,” said a spokesperson for the organization. “We believe that Rough Patch is a phenomenal single that deserves to be heard by music lovers everywhere.”

To listen to Rough Patch, stream it on your favorite music platform.

#NewMusic FieldOfVisionz shares original Alternative single: The Veil

FieldOfVisionz released their single, titled “The Veil.” This alternative track has a unique sound that can only be described as one of a kind. The single was created based on the artist’s personal experience, which makes it even more detailed and captivating.

FieldOfVisionz is an upcoming alternative artist that produced this single we’re considering for the 2023-2024 Modern Soulful Music Awards initiative. Listeners are about to discover a whole new level of depth and nuance in FieldOfVisionz’s music that they would never have thought possible.

Listeners can easily dive into “The Veil” by FieldOfVisionz right here! The single is available for streaming on most popular platforms. The lyrics are also appropriate for anyone looking for something sincere and meaningful.

When asked about this single, FieldOfVisionz said that it is “about a love experience that happened during the thinning of the veil #fallseason.” This insight makes it easy for listeners to relate to the single on a personal level.

Modern Soulful Music believes that their main priority is supporting and promoting artists. They want to give FieldOfVisionz the opportunity to be heard by more people, and we urge everyone to take a moment to listen to this amazing new single.

Check it out. Sloane Skylar shares original Contemporary R&B single: Looking For Our Love (feat. Syncere) #NewMusic

Sloane Skylar, the talented R&B singer, songwriter, and producer, has just released her new single, “Looking For Our Love (feat. Syncere)”. Sloane Skylar’s new single is now available for streaming on all major music platforms.

“Looking For Our Love” is the second single from Sloane Skylar’s up-and-coming EP ‘California’. The song is about searching for someone new after a breakup, but constantly comparing them to the past love that got away.

The single is the perfect showcase of Sloane’s talent as a powerful vocalist and lyricist in the world of contemporary R&B music. Sloane Skylar’s seductive and soulful voice blends perfectly with the R&B instrumentals and the emotive lyrics in “Looking For Our Love (feat. Syncere)”.

“I wrote and produced the song, and my friend Syncere lent their vocal talents to the third verse,” says Sloane Skylar. “I want everyone to be able to relate to the song and feel the emotion in it.”

As Sloane Skylar continues to make a name for herself in the R&B music industry, we can expect to hear more captivating music from her in the near future.

Listen to “Looking For Our Love (feat. Syncere)” on all major music platforms and don’t forget to follow Sloane Skylar on social media to stay updated on her latest projects. https://www.instagram.com/sloaneskylar/