#NewMusic Have you heard the new hip-hop single “Vibes” by Lyrik Victoria and her partner DB3 Ace?

Forth Worth-based artist Lyrik Victoria and rapper DB3.Ace continues to raise the bar in the alternative, seductive, and storytelling hip hop, with the striking intensity and equally haunting visuals of soulful “Vibes.”

Moments of melody and structural alterations by Lyrik keep things interesting along the way. Meanwhile, the story is told, intimate and engaging, with the unexpected familiar connection to sentiments of confidence and drive of her partner DB3 Ace.

Together, they create an arrangement with a lot of ebbs and flow, much like the action of waves lapping on a beach, which is quite beautiful, thanks to the extensive use of reverb and delay.

Smooth tone, gentle vibrato, and consistent flowy vocals from Lyrik offer a diverse production selection to keep things soulful on this hip-hop vibe.

Lyrik Victoria is based in Forth Worth and lives there with her partner DB3.Ace. Check out their newest single on Spotify below:

#NewMusic Check out Sargent x Comrade new single “Stages”

Sargent & Comrade creates an arrangement with a lot of ebbs and flow, much like the action of waves in the sea and the natural phases of life. “Stages”  is a piece that looks at the passing of time and makes the listener reflect on the big picture. As a result, there is a sense of sumptuous richness throughout the entire track. The effect of “Stages” is to draw the listener’s attention to the neo-soulful rhythm and the conscious lyrics.

Dusty old vinyl samples mixed with Yolanda’s silky smooth vocals take you on a journey to that golden place where music is sweet. In both sound and lyrics, Sargent & Comrade‘s voice is quite distinct from the commercial sound. In addition to being soulful and appealing, it authentically conveyed the song’s atmosphere, presented honesty, and revealed exposure.

We are pleased to share this soulful track with our audience. Check out the 2nd single off the 2021 Sargeant X Comrade album “The Elephant In The Room” dropping December 3, 2021, on Mo’ Gravy Records.

“Sargeant’s vocal style infuses inspirations like Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Erykah Badu into a style entirely her own. It comes together with the sonic architecture of producer Evgeniy a.k.a. Comrade a.k.a. White Russian Production, to form a sound that is exciting and challenging, featuring unexpected and captivating juxtapositions of elements and genres.”

– Sargent x comrade

#NewMusic Check out Reva Devito soulful single “Magic”

“Magic” from one of Portland’s indie-soul sensations, is something different, yet refreshing, fusing together a mystical soundscape with theatrical origins and blissfully soulful RnB vocals crooning from the musicial magician Reva Devito – the result is something that feels like an euphoric mystical journey in love and ultimately paves the way for a more creative, sensitive, and immersive RnB realm of tomorrow. Magic is a futuristic sound, pitched to perfection and with an up-beat tempo and harmonic melodies.

It’s just the latest taste of her highly anticipated debut LP as her last EP, The Move (featuring Kaytranada), sitting at over 10 million streams on Spotify.

Reva says, “Magic touches on the idea that sometimes certain people can bring out the best in us and help illuminate those little miracles that are present all around us. Sometimes we just need someone with great significance and influence in our lives to help expose the magic that already exists in the world. Those are the best connections.” 

We are pleased to highlight this soulful track on our blog. Check out Reva’s single “Magic” on Spotify now:

#NewMusic “Drew Smith – Truth” really resonates with the soul. Check it out now.

Check out Drew Smith’s soulful soft rock and adult contemporary track “The Truth” with a country-folk vibe. You’ll fall in love with the vulnerability of this song. Drew’s pitch is tailored to perfection as he expresses deep emotion from losing his love over lies told. The melody is heart-warming as he confesses his truth. The harmony of his voice flows perfectly in tune with the piano. The texture of his voice feels soothing to the soul as you begin to identify with the lover who is afraid of his own reflection.

The intensity and dynamics of his voice are mastered to perfection – giving you the feeling of witnessing his story play out right before your eyes serenading you with lies that are finally untold. The rhythm of his voice and the instrumentation blends perfectly. Drew’s song inspires the listener to learn how to live in their truth because real love is accepting and has no place to hide.

Check out Drew Smith’s track “The Truth” here on Spotify:

#NewMusic Elise Legrow just dropped a powerful new single “Forever.” Listen here.

Elise has a soulful voice that melts your heart – with a Motown flair and an r&b neo-soul vibe. Her pitch is perfect with melodies and harmonies that resonate with the soul. The tempo is upbeat but the lyrics are emotional as she expresses confusion in love. The texture of her voice is soothing and matched with powerful dynamics and intensity. The beat and rhythm move you and put you in a good mood. The style matches the mood of the music – sad voice but upbeat vibe, with beautiful accompanying instrumentation. You’ll fall in love with this track and how it resonates with life’s most complicated and confusing topics – love.

Today, “dreamy and velvety” (Billboard), neo-soul vocalist Elise LeGrow whose expertise lies in marrying retro nostalgia and modern R&B, releases her second LP and first collection of original music, Grateful, via Awesome Music/BMG. The album follows singles “Better Side,” “Feel Alright” and “Evan,” and highlights Elise’s self-discovery as she reflects on grief and human connection. It also follows her successful foray into the EDM space with her 2020 collaboration with Vintage Culture, “It Is What It Is,” which has earned over 13 million streams on Spotify alone.

Grateful was produced by GRAMMY-winning Theron “Neff-U” Feemster and Brian “Sweetwesty” West, in addition to Thomas “Tawgs” Salter, Nathan Ferraro, Jamaal “Jhyve” Bowry, David Mohaci, and Angelo Petraglia and marks Elise’s first original release, as her debut LP Playing Chess consists of “fascinating” (Relix) covers of tracks by legendary artists, ranging from Chuck Berry to Etta James. 

LeGrow’s 2018 debut album Playing Chess was described as “groovin, infectious, and electrifying” (HuffPost), amassing fans such as Action Bronson and Jools Holland, as well as garnering recognition from Billboard, Okayplayer, Salon, Relix, and MOJO. 

Check out Elise Legrow single “Forever” on Youtube here:

#NewMusic Have you heard of “Khamari – Doctor, My Eyes?” Check out this soulful music here.

Khamari talks about dealing with addiction and heartbreak in this lyrical masterpiece. His perfect pitch croons elegantly across the beat in a lowly and sad place, with emotional melodies and beautiful harmonies that resonate with the soul.

The song “Doctor, My Eyes” talks about dealing with mental health issues, self-medicating, and then seeking treatment from a professional yearning to “Make it all go away. Doctor, would you give me something?” The texture of his voice blends smoothly with the electric guitar. It feels like taking a trip into his vulnerable subconscious and hearing the thoughts of his psyche battle in depression, while in the midst of his healing journey.

The unique perspective of Khamari’s mind really sits in the soul and intrigues the listener, inspiring the idea of mental healing and the stigmas around black men. The dynamics and intensity of the beat and his voice blends perfectly. The rhythm is consistent and soothing. His lyrics implants seeds in the mind that inspires deep self-reflection. The tempo is slow and the style really creates the mood for the music. We love this instrumentation and the skit at the end, inspiring Khamari to be gentle with his self and embrace his healing journey.

Check out Khamari “Doctor, My Eyes” on Spotify here:

#NewMusic Have you heard Athena’s new powerful track: “Change?”

Athena’s voice is heavenly and has the pitch of a Goddess. Her harmonies and the tempo of the instrumentation really put you on a plane of higher ascension. The melody is smooth and the texture of her voice feels as flowy as the ocean. The connection of her lyrics and the positive vibrations creates a mood that really inspires the soul. The intensity and dynamics of the instrumentation are perfect for her voice. The beat and the rhythm feels hypnotic, reminding you that change is constant.

Check out Athena’s new track “Change” on Spotify here:

#NewMusic “Talk to my Younger Self” is another inspirational track from Yoji

Yoji’s voice is youthful, soothing, and warm. The song “Talk to my Younger Self” is a love letter to her inner child. Her perfect pitch is high as her vibe and aligns with her up-tempo personality. The harmonies are beautiful as she sings to the little girl inside. It warms the heart and the lyrics are awe-inspiring. The instrumentation carries the beautiful tunes of a piano and drum beats rhythm to the heart. It ends with a poetic masterpiece that really hits home. Yoji is the kind of artist that will keep you lifted and positive in the midst of hard times.

Born in London and later raised in Suffolk, Yoji is a soulful pop singer, pianist and has won songwriting awards such as Fame Music & Coffee House Sessions, iluvlive and Vodafone Future Breakers.

Recent highlights include performing at the O2 Arena as a support act for Kool & The Gang at the Electric Soul Festival run and regularly performing in the West End. During the lockdown, Yoji performed live on BBC Radio 4 Today Show and this month Yoji has made two national BBC Introducing Mix Tapes including The Hot List & The Drive Home From Glastonbury.

Check out her track “Talk to my Younger Self” here on Spotify:

#NewMusic Check out Jiah Zuniga new soulful track “Third Eye.”

“Third Eye” is a conscious track that speaks to the soul about enlightenment and manifestation through the power of changing your beliefs and thoughts. Check out Jiah’s new single here.

Jiah voice is aggressive; yet smooth as he tells his story about being an indie artist in Los Angeles manifesting his life from the hood to greater places. The melody in the instrumentation of his beat really creates the mood for the music. The tempo is slow and emotional; giving the track a really nice texture and strong dynamics. The story-telling and lyrical content are remarkable yet still relatable.

Jiah Zuniga is a recording artist from South Central, California. He produces all his own music, as well as writing and engineering. He’s survived neighborhoods infested with gangs, drugs and violence his whole life – but his music still doesn’t focus on that. He recognizes that he was blessed enough to have a different perspective on his situation growing up. Dive into his work and see from his perspective.

Check out “Third Eye” by Jiah Zuniga on Spotify here:

#NewMusic “Power Be You” is a brand new spoken word track by Franz Vonz

“Who got the power to choose?” Franz Vonz offers a new spoken-word piece in which he reminds us that the people hold the power.

A new generation of poetic expression, Franz Vonz offers a new versification of reggae-inspired rhythm with the spoken word. His Caribbean accent coupled with his free-verse style and aggressive lyrics inspire the listener to find pride in heritage and stand up for the people. The alliteration of his style sits with the soul. In this lyrical poetic piece, Franz speaks as if this is his own story, mood, thoughts and inspirations from experience.

Check out Franz Vonz  Rise-Up anthem ‘Power Be You’ on Spotify here: