#Listen Fortunato & Sean One shares original Alternative Hip Hop (Conscious) single: Stop This #SoulfulSpotlight

The 2023-2024 Modern Soulful Music Awards have been opened. We know that a lot of you are here to strictly find your next favorite artist and song, so if you want to get right into the music, check it out below here!

The single, which falls under the category of Alternative Hip Hop (Conscious), encourages listeners to support unity and camaraderie in becoming the best version of self. The thought-provoking lyrics and irresistible melody of “Stop This” leave a lasting impression on the mind and soul of the listener to keep going on a mission.

In a world where the lines get blurred, Fortunato & Sean One take a bold step forward to raise awareness about the need for unity and compassion while releasing bitterness from the soul. The song appeals to those who appreciate meaningful and authentic lyrics in music.

Fortunato & Sean One have created a masterpiece that is both powerful and inspiring.

Here at Modern Soulful Music, supporting artists is our #1 priority, we kindly ask you to check out Fortunato & Sean One. 

Check it out this new contemporary R&B hit: Luna Marie – Hey Beautiful #NewMusic

Singer and songwriter Luna Marie has released her latest Rhythm & Blues single, titled “Hey Beautiful”. The track is now available for streaming and download across all major digital music platforms.

“Hey Beautiful” is a soulful and catchy track that showcases Luna Marie’s unique and powerful voice. The song’s modern sound and catchy chorus make it the perfect addition to any summer playlist.

The release of “Hey Beautiful” comes at a perfect time for Luna Marie, as the 2023-2024 Modern Soulful Music Awards have recently opened. Luna Marie is determined to make a big splash in the music industry with her unique blend of R&B and soulful pop.

“Here at Modern Soulful Music, supporting artists is our #1 priority,” said a representative of the awards. “We believe that Luna Marie has a bright future ahead of her and we encourage everyone to check out her latest single.”

Luna Marie’s “Hey Beautiful” is now available on all major music platforms. Fans of R&B and soulful pop should definitely give it a listen.

#SoulfulSpotlight Joey Patches Drops New Trap (Hip Hop) Single: “Ay, Madonn’!” Listen here…

Joey Patches released his latest single, “Ay, Madonn’!” This Trap (Hip Hop) track is both catchy and lively, with lyrics rooted in NYC culture and clever wordplay.

Joey Patches is an indie rapper and drummer from Staten Island, NY, who often incorporates live instrumentation into his music. His lyrics showcase a wide range of subject matters, including sci-fi, nostalgia, and hip hop culture.

“Ay, Madonn’!” offers a fresh perspective on hip hop music, thanks to its blend of traditional and modern styles. With its catchy chorus and dynamic production style, this song is truly unique and a must-listen.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Joey Patches said, “I wanted to create a song that pays homage to my grandparents’ way of speaking. They would often use phrases like ‘Ay, Madonn’!’ in everyday conversation, and I thought it would be cool to bring that into my music.”

The 2023-2024 Modern Soulful Music Awards are open to all, and Joey Patches is on our list of artists to watch out for. So, for those who want to stay ahead of the latest hip hop trends, “Ay, Madonn’!” is a must-have single to add to your playlist.

Stream “Ay, Madonn’!” on all major streaming platforms today, and stay up to date with Joey Patches on his Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/joey_patches/

#NewMusic Cooper Phillip (@cooperphillip1) ft. Durand Bernarr (@durandbernarr) shares original Contemporary R&B single: THE ANSWERS #SoulfulSpotlight

Emerging artist Cooper Phillip teamed up with the powerhouse vocalist Durand Bernarr to release their latest single, THE ANSWERS. The song is an original Contemporary R&B track that speaks to the struggle of fighting one’s inner demons to find the answers. The song encourages listeners to open their minds and look deep inside to find the light in their darkness.

THE ANSWERS is a heartfelt and soulful track that showcases Cooper Phillip’s soulful vocals and mesmerizing lyrics. Durand Bernarr’s unique voice blends perfectly with Cooper’s to create a harmonious magic that can only be described as pure talent. This refreshing collaboration guarantees to be a hit with fans who love Contemporary R&B.

The single has already been generating buzz among modern soulful music enthusiasts, and this is already a must-listen track of 2023. Cooper Phillip ft. Durand Bernarr has managed to create a fresh and unique sound that is sure to stand out in the industry.

To promote their new single, the duo is part of the 2023-2024 Modern Soulful Music Awards. The award show celebrates the best of the best in the genre, and with their new single, Cooper Phillip ft. Durand Bernarr is positioned to be an up-and-coming artist to watch.

Cooper Phillip and Durand Bernarr are excited to debut THE ANSWERS and reach new fans with their music. The duo is dedicated to producing soulful sounds that connect with their listeners.

THE ANSWERS is out now on all music platforms. Fans of Contemporary R&B can listen to the new single on YouTube or any other preferred streaming platform.

About Cooper Phillip:
Cooper Phillip is an up-and-coming artist with an impressive voice and an unforgettable sound. She combines contemporary R&B with soulful pop to create music that is both original and timeless. Follow Cooper on social media for updates on her latest projects. https://twitter.com/CooperPhillip1

About Durand Bernarr:
Durand Bernarr is a powerhouse vocalist and musician with an impressive background. He has worked with multiple renowned artists and has a strong following on social media. Follow Durand on social media to stay up to date with his latest work. https://twitter.com/durandbernarr

#NewMusic Climate shares original Conscious Hip Hop single: Sorrow

Climate, the emerging rapper, and songwriter has just released his latest single and video titled, “Sorrow.” The song is already stirring up the music world with its powerful message, and Conscious Hip Hop style.

Climate is an up-and-coming rapper and songwriter who creates impactful music that speaks to the heart of everything, making a difference. He is rapidly gaining a following with his deep and meaningful lyrics and unique style of Conscious Hip Hop.

“Sorrow” was created with cleverly written lyrics that spread awareness to mental health issues. Climate’s unique flow and delivery have earned him a reputation as one of the most talented young artists in the rap game.

Sorrow is not just about the issue of depression, but also the psychological pain that comes with facing mental health. It is designed to call people’s attention to the need to take action to save ourselves from within.

“Sorrow” is a track that should be on everyone’s radar, touching on issues that affect the whole world, Climate has managed to create a platform with his music. The YouTube music video for the song is guaranteed to enhance the message that Climate is trying to get across.

The 2023-2024 Modern Soulful Music Awards have been opened, and we encourage all music lovers to tune in and check out new artists, including Climate. With a strong commitment through his music, Climate is an artist deserving of your attention.

Listen to “Sorrow” on YouTube today and keep up with Climate on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

#SoulfulSpotlight Young Gstar Shares Original Trap (Hip Hop) Single: PaRiah

Young Gstar, an eclectic and wide-ranging musician and free-spirited artist, uses his expansive musical range to portray his rebellious virtues, diverse philosophies, and relaxed approach to life.

Rising hip hop artist Young Gstar has released his original single “PaRiah”, a hard-hitting trap track that showcases his lyrical prowess and musical talent. The song is a perfect example of the artist’s unique style and musical vision.

“PaRiah” was released on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, where it has already garnered a lot of attention and positive feedback from listeners. The young artist has quickly become a fan favorite within the hip hop community, with his undeniable sound and striking delivery catching the attention of music lovers worldwide.

The 2023-2024 Modern Soulful Music Awards have been opened, and Young Gstar is already primed to take center stage with his latest release. The song is a testament to his dedication to the craft and his ability to produce top-tier music that resonates with his listeners.

Speaking about the release, Young Gstar said, “Behind the smoke, the party anthems and delinquent antics my music delivers a message of hope.”

Listeners can stream “PaRiah” by Young Gstar on all major streaming platforms. For more information, visit his website at https://www.younggstar.com/.

Branding yourself as a Modern Soulful Musician🎶✨🏆

If you’re a musician, branding is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Not only does it help you stand out from the crowd, but it also helps people remember you and your music.

Start by developing a unique and memorable visual identity. This includes a logo, color scheme, and consistent imagery across all of your social media platforms. This will help you create a recognizable brand that people will remember.

Next, focus on your music and message. Be sure to create music that is unique, engaging, and showcases your personal style. Your message should be clear and consistent across all of your music and social media posts.

Finally, don’t forget about networking! Attend events, collaborate with other musicians, and make connections in the industry. Building relationships with other musicians and professionals can help you expand your reach and build your fanbase.

By building a strong brand and networking with others in the industry, you can create a successful career as a musician.

Sofi Gev, an up-and-coming alternative pop artist, has just released her latest single, “Softspoken Eyes,” a song about infatuation and the longing for a deeper connection.

“Softspoken Eyes” captures the feeling of being completely taken by someone – noticing every detail about them and becoming hyper-aware of their every movement. The track showcases Sofi’s stunning vocals and emotive lyrics, as she sings about the all-consuming desire for a deeper connection with the person who catches your eye.

We’ve all been there when we’re struck by someone and we can’t help but feel completely enamored by them. It’s that feeling of wanting to know everything about them and to connect with them on a deeper level. ‘Softspoken Eyes’ is all about that feeling.

Sofi Gev’s music has been praised for its introspective and personal nature, and “Softspoken Eyes” follows in that tradition. The track is the perfect introduction to the Los Angeles-based artist’s unique style, blending elements of alternative pop, R&B, and indie rock.

“Softspoken Eyes” is available to stream and download now on all major platforms.

#ListenNow Anaïs Cardot offers up & coming Neo-Soul track “Can’t Explain”

The 2022-2023 Modern Soulful Music Awards have been opened. We know that a lot of you are here to strictly find your next favorite artist and song, so if you want to get right into the music, check it out below here!

Now, Anaïs Cardot is proud to announce her latest release, “Can’t Explain,” a Neo-Soul track that showcases her captivating voice and raw emotion. The track features catchy melodies, soulful instrumentation, and poignant lyrics that leave a lasting impression on listeners.

“Can’t Explain” speaks to the confusion and uncertainty of love, with Cardot singing, “I can’t explain these feelings I’ve got inside / Sometimes I feel like I’m out of my mind.” The track is a reflection of Cardot’s personal experiences with love, and her vulnerability is palpable throughout the song.

Soothing and soulful vocals direct with an emotional intent and multiple layers of delicacy on Anaïs Cardot’s uniquely written works, the self-aware neo-soul single “Can’t Explain” will make you feel deeply attuned to the narrative of this track.

The clatter of the beat and the conflicting tap of the soulful “Can’t Explain” builds a vastly attainable soulful mood from the start, with a quite nostalgic vibe.

‘Can’t Explain’ feels like a way to express and connect with feelings of confusion and uncertainty when it comes to love. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling, and this song can provide some comfort to anyone who might be going through something similar.

“Can’t Explain” is just the latest example of Anaïs Cardot’s incredible talent, and it’s sure to cement her status as one of the most exciting new voices in Neo-Soul. With each new release, Cardot continues to captivate audiences and carve out her own unique place in the music world.

Listeners can check out “Can’t Explain” on all major streaming platforms, and stay tuned for more exciting releases from Anaïs Cardot in the near future.

Introducing ArieS and His Latest Release, “Not Just Sometimes”

ArieS announces his newest single, “Not Just Sometimes”. This lo-fi hip-hop track is a powerful and motivational song created to encourage listeners to follow their dreams and never give up.

With its inspirational lyrics and soulful melodies, “Not Just Sometimes” is a song that will resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds. ArieS and his co-writers have poured their hearts into this track, hoping to inspire others to dedicate themselves to their passions.

The song’s lo-fi hip-hop style is a perfect blend of relaxed beats, laid-back guitar riffs, and smooth vocals. From start to finish, “Not Just Sometimes” is a musical masterpiece that will keep you hooked to the very end.

“I hope this song will motivate listeners to follow through with their goals and never give up,” says ArieS. “It’s meant to inspire people to dedicate themselves to what they love. We genuinely believe that it has the power to change lives.”

With “Not Just Sometimes,” ArieS has once again proven his skills as a talented musician and songwriter. This track is a definite must-listen for all fans of lo-fi hip-hop and inspirational music.

Here at Modern Soulful Music, supporting artists is our #1 priority, we kindly ask you to check out ArieS.