Jeff Lake Releases Debut EP “Field of Grass”

The opening song “Better Times Will Come” by Janis Ian, immediately sets a positive, uplifting tone. Written at the advent of covid, Ian was connected with Lake via WBA Records in Nashville. Lake puts his own upbeat spin on the track, ornamenting it with fiddle, banjo, mandolin & upright bass. It quickly became a fan fav on Ian’s own site garnering 3k views on Lake’s YouTube channel.

The tune serves in contrast to Lake’s own material including the title track which speaks to themes of isolation, fatalism, and environmentalism.

Listen to Field of Grass

Coming out of the gate this summer, Lake has been selected by Reverbnation as one of NYC’s Most Popular Upcoming Artists. Jeff Lake already has over 12,500 monthly listeners on Spotify via the “Penny Lane” release with Cellophane Flowers. The new album, “Field of Grass” will be released in digital and physical outlets worldwide.

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Recording artist Jeff Lake combines elements of rock, folk, bluegrass & country music for his own brand of Americana.

A multi-genre songwriter, he has written music for Universal Greece recording artist, Michalis, the theme song for CBS’s Latin American Idol spinoff show, the “Nueva Estrella Awards”, as well as recent collaborations with up & coming hip hop artist, Seon.

As a guitarist & band-leader, Jeff has perfected his craft by playing alongside members of the Billy Joel Band, the Dennis DeYoung Band (Styx), and the Transiberian Orchestra.

His career began as a frontman for hair metal band, Big Bang, opening for groups such as Winger, White Lion & Extreme. His melodic, lyric-driven songs and down-to-earth approach are gaining him an international audience.

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To learn more about Jeff Lake & Cellophane Flowers check out the following:

New Modern Soulful Music: “Jake Walters”

We are soul pleased to introduce to you another Modern Soulful Musician with a conscious message to help uplift the people and the planet. Listen to Jake’s healing art here: 

 A Word from the Artist: 

This song “is all about a Phoenix rising from the ashes, taking something ugly and making it beautiful. Finding faith in yourself, and believing in your own power and beauty.” – Jake Walters

Press Release: Spiritual Counselor Goddess Dorthea introduces brand new soul-healing music release, “The Soul HealHer: Rebirth”

Goddess Dorthea Music, LLC.

Goddess Dorthea

Release Date: 11/11/2021

Press Release: Spiritual Counselor Goddess Dorthea introduces brand new soul-healing music release, “The Soul HealHer: Rebirth”

Los Angeles, CA, October 2021 – Goddess Dorthea is back on the scene with her
pure, unadulterated blend of hip-hop and R&B. The artist has a
unique vocal delivery, which is uniquely spontaneous and
dynamic, combining some memorable beats with the singer’s
stunning vocal chops.

What’s really striking about this new release is definitely the fact
that Goddess Dorthea arguably went above and beyond to make
sure that every single aspect of the project was tailored to
perfection. As a result, “The Soul HealHer: Rebirth” is a forward,
punchy and catchy album that jumps out of the speakers, with a
massive attitude and a unique vibe. The special thing about it is
that it feels so natural and spontaneous and the different
elements appear to fit in so very seamlessly.

The song has a really cool introduction, almost like turning it into
an old radio, and getting to connect with the groove of a classic
reggae song, only to be transported to a completely different
place, with a more modern vibe. The electronic drum sounds are
really amazing, and in addition to that, the melodies really shine,
perfectly surrounding Goddess Dorthea’s vocal chops.
Goddess Dorthea’s charismatic lyrical flow is nothing short of
impeccable and she knows how to reach out to the audience
with her seamless creativity and witty songwriting. Any true fan of
Dancehall, Afro-Beat and more will absolutely connect with the
magnetic, electrifying nature of this release. Ultimately, the new
the release is very well-produced and impactful in terms of
soundscapes and it also feels really well-executed on a
performance standpoint, highlighting Goddess Dorthea’s unique
charisma and artistry from the moment you hit the play button.
This one is definitely something for you if you do enjoy the music
of artists such as Rihanna, Burna Boy, Beyonce, and Bia, only to
mention a few.

Find out more about Goddess Dorthea, and don’t miss out on
“The Soul HealHer: Rebirth” and other astonishing releases from
this talented artist:


New Modern Soulful Music: Oshun

We are soul pleased to introduce to you another Modern Soulful Musician/ Band “Oshun” with a conscious message to help uplift the people and the planet. Listen to their healing art here: 

 A Word from the Artist: 

“Flow is life, you know. Just being in the flow, being in the stream, because if you’re not and you resist, like, you get kind of beat up. We move in the flow and in the stream and on the path of least resistance in our spirit and our hearts. We are not doing things that disrupt our peace, not doing things that don’t bring us joy or don’t fuel us.” – Niambi of Oshun

New Modern Soulful Music – The Soul HealHer: Rebirth

Dropping 10.10.21 on Bandcamp

The Soul HealHer: Rebirth will be dropping exclusively on Bandcamp for all Modern Soul Tribe subscribers. Stay tuned for new soul-healing music:

New Modern Soulful Music: Chloe Trujillo

We are soul pleased to introduce and spotlight another Modern Soulful Musician with a conscious message to help uplift the people and the planet. Listen to her soul healing art here: 

 A Word from the Artist: 

“My goal is to uplift the world! I studied many healing modalities throughout the years and I channel messages, music and visions that become my artwork, my lyrics, my melodies, which I infuse with positive vibrations. We are all energy, all connected and music and art are here to remind us of our own sovereignty. To see and hear more of what I do, my website is
Thank you and blessings…” – Chloe Trujillo

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