#SongReview Amira B is in heavy playlist rotation with Lies! Play It Here

Amira B is a “New York City-based soulful R&B singer-songwriter, and head turner” (Jukely).We think that Amira B is definitely on the right track in this regard. It’s no surprise that with time, the music and the brand continue to just keep going up!

Check It Out! Reid Hosp is back with a fresh retro-soul single: WATCHOUT! #ArtistSpotlight 

This unique retro-soul music project, titled “WATCHOUT!” by Reid Hosp has an end goal of simply connecting people from all over the world through music. Check it out here!

#ArtistSpotlight Begging is a brand new Afro-pop track from Nia: don’t miss out!

British-Congolese singer/songwriter NIA is determined to be part of the next wave of UK R&B. Sweet and relatable, the Milton Kyenes / London singer makes music that speaks for you. Getting personal with her lyrics, almost as it’s her diary speaking out loud.

#NewMusic Check out Driftwood’s new Alternative R&B track: Hold Onto your Light

A crystalline and driving foray into contemporary R&B, soul, and electronic wizardry, the brand new single Hold Onto Your Light is out today from the relentlessly creative producer, singer-songwriter, and visual artist Driftwood.

Meet our Best Artist of the Year 2022-2023 Finalist: Kristina Murrell #ModernSoulfulMusic #KristinaMurrellMusic

“Music is my passion and there’s nothing else I want to do. I cherish the opportunity to be recognized for my gift and passion. It would mean the world to me!” – Kristina Murrell

Check out Carlo Taylor’s new soulful acoustic track “Million Miles” on Vimeo!

NEW MUSIC ALERT! We’ve got music from Carlo Taylor! Today we’re featuring “Million Miles!”

We love this! Meet alternative hip-hop sensation Ljak & check out his new single “Called.” You don’t want to miss this one…

Boston-based artist and rapper Ljak continues to raise the bar in the alternative, soulful, and storytelling hip hop, with the striking intensity and equally inspiring visuals of Called.

#ArtistSpotlight Pk Delay has a new hip-hop project to show you. Listen to Fasho (feat. Slicky Williams & Pet Zebra) here! 

Hit that play button to deep dive into the music! You might have just found your newest playlist addition! The vocal tone of Pk Delay, the sharp delivery, the dynamic flow, and the similarly sharp, smart arrangement of the bars all contribute to the weight. Pk Delay’s low-voiced bellow is deep, atonal, and easygoing, andContinue reading “#ArtistSpotlight Pk Delay has a new hip-hop project to show you. Listen to Fasho (feat. Slicky Williams & Pet Zebra) here! “

NEW MUSIC ALERT! We’ve got music from hip-hop lyricist Jamar Carr! Today we’re featuring Pressure

Hailing from Queens, New York Jamar Carr is an artist known for throwing a wrench into the works and going against the grain of the current music trends by providing an alternative vibe. Their mannerisms are all their own. 

Check out Glory Shalom’s new single: Yet I Will. Listen now!

Glory Shalom is a contemporary Gospel artist from Miami, FL. She is making her own lane in the Gospel world bringing you fresh new sounds and inspiring lyrics, with the message of the Gospel radiating through every song. Her first EP, Altar Ego, was released in 2018 and now she is back with another hit single “Yet I Will”.