#SoulfulShoutout We’re listening to Taylor Deshay “Lately” and you should too… Check it out here.

“Lately” sheds new light on Taylor’s story-telling lyrical abilities, striking a chord with spectators because of its vulnerability, relatability, and the powerful artistic thread that runs through the work. Perfect to vibe out to and a personal favorite of ours from this amazing artist, Taylor Deshay.

#SongOfTheDay “Calling” by Patrick Majik is addictively soulful and deep… You gotta hear this!

A music artist, songwriter, and producer. Patrick Majik feels his music is a form of a deeper expression, and this has always inspired him to connect with different people on a deeper level through his music. He continues to raise the bar in the Neo-Soul, Alternative / Indie R&B, Alternative Hip-Hop with the striking intensity and equally haunting visuals of “Calling.”

#NewMusic Check out Nolle – Deny

Deny is a song about the ups & downs of denying your true love. Nolle sings with such depth and soul. Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Slowcore, and Indie Rock listeners will appreciate the emo-vibe of ‘Deny.” The slow tempo and heavy use of reverb give a spacey acoustic atmosphere that hypnotizes you. Close your eyes and get lost in Nolle’s world of denied feelings and love through her eyes.

Have you heard Madeleine – Lost to You? You don’t want to miss this…

Madeleine is a London-based keyboardist, singer, and songwriter. Having grown up in a musical family, she has made a name for herself in the London jazz and neo-soul scenes, playing with acclaimed and up-and-coming artists like Arlo Parks, Chloe Bodur, and Poppy Ajudha.

#NewMusic Kaleo Sansaa Shares Riveting New Single “Black Light”

Berlin-based artist and rapper Kaleo Sansaa raises the bar in the conscious, alternative, and storytelling hip hop vibe, with the striking intensity of “Black Light.”

#NewMusic Alexa Valentino is back with a beautiful track titled “Angel.”

The empowerment of the lyrical passages is transformational, as the listener begins to connect with the bold and beautiful undertones that run throughout Alexa Valentino’s song “Angel.”

#NewMusic “We Are Awakening”  is a brand new track from JAC Music. Don’t miss out!

“We Are Awakening” sheds new light on the signs of the times, striking a chord with listeners because of its transparency, fragility, purity, and the powerful artistic thread that runs through the work.

#NewMusic Have you heard the new hip-hop single “Vibes” by Lyrik Victoria and her partner DB3 Ace?

Forth Worth-based artist Lyrik Victoria and rapper DB3.Ace continues to raise the bar in the alternative, seductive, and storytelling hip hop, with the striking intensity and equally haunting visuals of soulful “Vibes.”

#NewMusic Check out Sargent x Comrade new single “Stages”

Sargent & Comrade creates an arrangement with a lot of ebbs and flow, much like the action of waves in the sea and the natural phases of life. “Stages”  is a piece that looks at the passing of time and makes the listener reflect on the big picture.

#NewMusic Check out Reva Devito soulful single “Magic”

Reva says, “Magic touches on the idea that sometimes certain people can bring out the best in us and help illuminate those little miracles that are present all around us. Sometimes we just need someone with great significance and influence in our lives to help expose the magic that already exists in the world. Those are the best connections.”