#NewMusic “Drew Smith – Truth” really resonates with the soul. Check it out now.

Check out Drew Smith’s soulful soft rock and adult contemporary track “The Truth” with a country-folk vibe. You’ll fall in love with the vulnerability of this song.

#NewMusic Elise Legrow just dropped a powerful new single “Forever.” Listen here.

Elise has a soulful voice that melts your heart – with a Motown flair and an r&b neo-soul vibe. Her pitch is perfect with melodies and harmonies that resonate with the soul. Check out song “Forever” here.

#NewMusic Have you heard of “Khamari – Doctor, My Eyes?” Check out this soulful music here.

Khamari talks about dealing with addiction and heartbreak in this lyrical masterpiece. His perfect pitch croons elegantly across the beat in a lowly and sad place, with emotional melodies and beautiful harmonies that resonate with the soul.

#NewMusic “Talk to my Younger Self” is another inspirational track from Yoji

Yoji’s voice is youthful, soothing, and warm. The song “Talk to my Younger Self” is a love letter to her inner child. Check out her music here.

#NewMusic Check out Jiah Zuniga new soulful track “Third Eye.”

“Third Eye” is a conscious track that speaks to the soul about enlightenment and manifestation through the power of changing your beliefs and thoughts. Check out Jiah’s new single here.

#NewMusic “Power Be You” is a brand new spoken word track by Franz Vonz

“Who got the power to choose?” Franz Vonz offers a new spoken-word piece in which he reminds us that the people hold the power.

#NewMusic Cory Brown x Barri B is back with a new single “Harvest in Provence”

The texture of this track is met with equally strong dynamics. It was refreshing to hear a conscious message over great music. Just like us, you’ll surely have this track “Harvest in Provence” on replay too.

#NewMusic Elaine Kristal is back with a new single “Tested.”

With a delicate vocal texture, Elaine serenades us with her loving tone stating “I love him.” Love is so hard to find – but we are grateful we found it in Elaine. We love everything about this song. 

#NewMusic Check out the smooth sound of “Daimy Lotus – Gravity”

tus gives us a sensual and seductive vibe with the sonic aesthetics of traveling to a place in outer space bliss.

#NewMusic Jade is a brand new track from Taylor Castro: don’t miss out!

“Jade” is a soulful track with exceptional story-telling lyrics and a country/ folk vibe. Taylor delivers melodic vocals that melt right into the classical instrumentation of this western harmonic sound. The dynamics of her voice and the instruments were mixed and mastered to perfection. We enjoyed listening to this track and feel our audience willContinue reading “#NewMusic Jade is a brand new track from Taylor Castro: don’t miss out!”