Modern Soulful Music Award Winner: Paris Jones x MOZZ! – For Evergreen. Play It Here…

Message from the Artist: Zephaniah’s Book of Trees is an album about the different stages of grief. Zephaniah is the name of my son who passed away 6 years ago from birth complications. Every song on this album is named after a tree and every tree represents a different stage of grief.

Listen Now. Check out Modern Soulful Music Award Winner: Richard Lynch – Grandpappy!

Residing in Waynesville, OH, Lynch not only sings about country music..he LIVES it. As the owner of Keepin’ It Country Farm with his wife, Donna, Richard knows the meaning of a day’s hard work.

Check out New Music from Risa the Kid!

Risa the Kid is an amazing & influential artist from Europe who decided to live his life to the fullest. He is a content creator who likes to make new things on his own. He wears a mask in his artwork to show that “creation is to be seen” not necessarily the person. Check outContinue reading “Check out New Music from Risa the Kid!”

“Outta Love” is a brand new soulful track from Rohan: don’t miss out!

Influenced by the diaspora he grew up in, Rohan creates a unique international sonic palette that spans multiple genres, interpolating alternative R&B/Hip-Hop with culturally global sounds. His songwriting displays the narrative of the struggle of the first-generation millennial, dealing with & juggling the expectations of culture, family, tradition & society.

#ArtistSpotlight Check out Arimatea inspirational and soulful music. She’s a vocal powerhouse with a positive message. Listen here now:

In the eternal search to find freedom, change, and the courage to simply be oneself, Italian singer-songwriter, Arimatea has been circling the globe to find her true purpose in life, after her debut album “A Sentimental Journey…from Italy to USA” received critical acclaim. Now back to amaze her fans with a whole host of singles, Arimatea is set to deliver on all the promises she has ever made.

“Clarity” is a brand-new track from Almira Zaky. Check it out here!

Almira Zaky is an Indonesian 24-year-old R&B singer and songwriter from Virginia that takes pride in being a #BossLady as she paves her own way in the industry.Check out her new single “Clarity” here:

Have you heard 303 “Make Your Move?” You don’t want to miss this!

Hailing from the UK, the female group 303 comes with this seductive track “Make Your Move.” 303 is a modern R&B act for the new age, packing bundles of charisma, soul & musical talent.

#SoulfulMoodMusic Check out Cuba Cris x Barri B – Manifest (Indie R&B)

Manifest by Cuba Chris and Barri B is modern soulful music produced to perfection as an affirmational R&B soulful track. The harmonic melodies, hypnotic drum breaks, and steady tempo will touch your spirit to believe in the unseen.

#NewMusic Have you heard of “Khamari – Doctor, My Eyes?” Check out this soulful music here.

Khamari talks about dealing with addiction and heartbreak in this lyrical masterpiece. His perfect pitch croons elegantly across the beat in a lowly and sad place, with emotional melodies and beautiful harmonies that resonate with the soul.

#NewMusic Dorthea introducing brand new album, “The Soul HealHer: Rebirth”

Goddess Dorthea is back on the scene with her pure, unadulterated blend of hip-hop and R&B. The artist has a unique vocal delivery, which is uniquely spontaneous and dynamic, combining some memorable beats with the singer’s stunning vocal chops. What’s really striking about this new release is definitely the fact that Goddess Dorthea arguably wentContinue reading “#NewMusic Dorthea introducing brand new album, “The Soul HealHer: Rebirth””