#ArtistSpotlight Begging is a brand new Afro-pop track from Nia: don’t miss out!

British-Congolese singer/songwriter NIA is determined to be part of the next wave of UK R&B. Sweet and relatable, the Milton Kyenes / London singer makes music that speaks for you. Getting personal with her lyrics, almost as it’s her diary speaking out loud.

Meet Modern Soulful Music Best Song of the Year Award Finalists: Vanity Wyze featuring Sonny King – Stayed Down #ModernSoulfulMusic #VanityWyze #SonnyKing

Modern Soulful Music Awards: What story/emotional narrative does your music tell? Stayed Down is a soulful hip-hop song about rising from the bottom to success. It’s about staying focused and not letting your circumstances keep you from your destiny. MSM: How does your music bring inspiration to the soul? This song is meant to inspireContinue reading “Meet Modern Soulful Music Best Song of the Year Award Finalists: Vanity Wyze featuring Sonny King – Stayed Down #ModernSoulfulMusic #VanityWyze #SonnyKing”

Meet our Best Artist of the Year 2022-2023 Finalist: Kristina Murrell #ModernSoulfulMusic #KristinaMurrellMusic

“Music is my passion and there’s nothing else I want to do. I cherish the opportunity to be recognized for my gift and passion. It would mean the world to me!” – Kristina Murrell

We love this! Meet alternative hip-hop sensation Ljak & check out his new single “Called.” You don’t want to miss this one…

Boston-based artist and rapper Ljak continues to raise the bar in the alternative, soulful, and storytelling hip hop, with the striking intensity and equally inspiring visuals of Called.

You have to check out this afro-pop vibe “Body” by Kristina Murrell and add it to your playlists! We love it…

ristina Murrell is a R&B recording artist whose 2nd studio album, “Beautiful Disaster” releases May 27th and will be up for Pre- Order Friday April 15th. The Bridgetown (Barbados) born singer has always had a natural affinity for music.

Artist Interview: Meet R&B sensation Whitney Nechelle

Be on the lookout for a performance near you in the near future, because Whitney Nechelle dropped her new album “Capricorn” 4/29/22 to keep the crowd buzzing with banging hits like the playful track “Sign” and sultry single “Speak”.

#ArtistSpotlight Way Up is a brand new alternative hip-hop track from Passenger Seat Preacher: don’t miss out!

“Way Up” builds up from modest, minimalist beginnings through several levels of cinematic intricacy and ambiance, ultimately immersing and engrossing listeners from start to finish in this surprising world of sounds.

Announcing Modern Soulful Music Award Nominee: Check out Tobi Adey’s new afro-soul track: Flame #SoulfulAwardNominee

Born in Nigeria, and raised in the UK, Tobi Adey encompasses the fundamental sounds of African heritage in their music. Finding one’s place within a diaspora in connection to the Motherland can be an integral part of exploring afro-beats and world music in hip-hop. This is certainly true of Flame. You’ll be melodically transmuted to a place of music, culture, and afro-bliss.

Priscila Nwachi is back with a fresh neo-soul single: Just Like You #NewMusic

Just Like You is a successful fusion of afrobeat and neo-soul music, with crisp brass and a clever rhythmic conversation between the chattering drum beats. The great singing of Priscilla Nwachi on this track is definitely a mood changer and will get you in a dancing trance immediately when you turn it on.