Priscila Nwachi is back with a fresh neo-soul single: Just Like You #NewMusic

Just Like You is a successful fusion of afrobeat and neo-soul music, with crisp brass and a clever rhythmic conversation between the chattering drum beats. The great singing of Priscilla Nwachi on this track is definitely a mood changer and will get you in a dancing trance immediately when you turn it on. 

Announcing Modern Soulful Music Award Nominee: the della kit – Baby Blue Listen here…

“When I sing I connect to myself, my ancestors, my spirit, and the natural world around me. I light a candle and let the music be the medicine that flows through me. I am simply the vessel” – the della kit

Announcing Modern Soulful Music Award Nominee: Kid Travis – Galaxy. Listen here… #AwardNominee

With solid melodic punk/trap undertones, Kid Travis sings a wide variety of styles of music. Kid Travis is not subject to one genre. Music is his passion. This singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer has gifts to share with the world.

A Side is a brand new Afro-pop track from DKB & Femi Silva: don’t miss out! #SoulfulNominee

A Side by DKB & Femi Silva is a beautiful, soulful and catchy afrobeat song, perfectly produced that will send you on a journey with smooth vocal melodies and catchy electronic beats in the background.

Watch Now. Youth is a brand new soulful alternative afro-pop track from Jozem: don’t miss out! #SoulfulAwardNominee

Here at Modern Soulful Music, supporting artists is our #1 priority, we kindly ask you to check out the award nominee Jozem.

Announcing Modern Soulful Music Award Winner: Poet22 – crazy 4 u. Listen here…

Here at Modern Soulful Music Awards, we believe that attaching a soulful message that inspires the next generation is extremely important. We think that Poet22 is definitely on the right track in this regard. It’s no surprise that with time, the music and the brand will continue to just keep going up for them! 

Announcing Modern Soulful Music Award Winner: orahmas – BAMBI Listen here…

The story, concept, and performance of BAMBI — including clever wordplay – are key components of the music. orahmas music is unapologetically honest, raw and beautifully crafted. 

Announcing Modern Soulful Music Award Winner: o’shua – Lemonade. Listen here…

o’shua keeps things simple yet effective, with a creative, almost soothing beat, excellent vocal rhythm, flashes of melody, and an overall song that grabs the listener’s attention while also energizing them.