Modern Soulful Music Awards is the year-round awards ceremony to celebrate emerging and indie artists that have a unique and soulful narrative in their music. It’s a conversation with indie artists who tell us about their lives and music. Listen to our Modern Soulful Music podcast to hear more about these talented soulful artists! All modern soulful independent artists featured on this podcast were nominated for Best Artist of the Year. From r&b, and indie rock to hip-hop, find your favorite music and vote for your favorite here at Modern Soulful Music.

Song of the Season (Summer 2022) Award Winner: Michael Annotti Modern Soulful Music Radio

SUMMER 2022 – Modern Soulful Music Awards: Why do you want to be an award-winning Modern Soulful Musician?Michael Annotti: I will glorify God as a Modern Soulful Musician award winner, without my faith nothing is possible, I also seek to inspire others to pursue their dreams and utilize my platform of becoming an award-winning Modern Soul Artist to speak out for the importance of the arts in education. I am a self-taught musician, performing and philanthropic artist, and founder of a nonprofit called One Family Music Foundation and will continue a long relationship with Modern Soul Musician to encourage and pay it forward to other up-and-coming artists who need instruments and training on how to become a professional in all aspects of their musical journey.https://modernsoulfulmusic.com/2022/10/09/now-introducingsoulful-song-of-the-season-winner-michael-annotti/ 

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