NEW MUSIC ALERT! We’ve got music from Izza Gara! Today we’re featuring “Not That Hot.” Check it out now.

“Not That Hot ” builds up from modest, minimalist beginnings through several levels of cinematic intricacy and ambiance, ultimately immersing and engrossing listeners from start to finish in this surprising world of sounds.

“Lost One” is a brand new emotional love track from Adria Kain: you have to hear this one!

Adria Kain is soul-filled and honest. Drawing from her reality, the R&B singer-songwriter aims to connect with the world by presenting stories of lived and shared experiences through her music.

Positive Vibration is a brand new track from Ace Word: Check it Out now!

The Sweden-based artist and Nigerian singer/rapper Ace Word continues to raise the bar in the alternative, soulful, and storytelling hip hop Afrobeats, with the striking intensity and equally inspiring visuals of Positive Vibration.

Announcing Modern Soulful Music Award Winner: Brittany Campbell – Eternally. Check her out here!

Here at Modern Soulful Music Awards, we believe that attaching a soulful message that inspires is extremely important. We think that Brittany Campbell is definitely on the right track in this regard.

Modern Soulful Music Award Winner: Reeky R.i.Q. – ‘Lone

The 2021-2022 Modern Soulful Music Awards have been officially announced. We know that a lot of you are here to strictly find your next favorite artist and song, so if you want to get right into the music, check it out below here!  Hit that play button below to deep dive into the music! YouContinue reading “Modern Soulful Music Award Winner: Reeky R.i.Q. – ‘Lone”

Modern Soulful Music Award Winner: Lanre O. – Testimony Song (feat. Tola Akinsanya)

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Modern Soulful Music Award Winners!

Tune in to Modern Soulful Music Award Winner: Maddy Brown – Wiser…

Here at Modern Soulful Music, supporting artists is our #1 priority, we kindly ask you to check out the award-winning Maddy Brown. 

Listen to Modern Soulful Music Winner: LaVance Colley – On Top of the World…

LaVance Colley has fused the presence, range, and fervor of a Gospel singer with the versatility of Jazz, Pop, and the heart of R&B to develop a style all his own.

Have you heard? Listen Now! Modern Soulful Music Award Winner: Shon Weathers – Player 1

With some life under his belt, and a vibe unmatched, Shon finds himself pondering, reflecting, and embracing present future and past moments.