#TuneIn Good Spells is back with a dark electro-pop single: Who We Are! Watch It Here…

Good Spells is leading with an immediate appeal for blending a decidedly colorful soundscape with a catchy dark pop hook that’s quickly anthem-like in its attractive vocals and melodic embrace as well.

#SongReview Someplace Better is a recently released indie rock EP from LeadBoots: don’t miss out!

LeadBoots has a new project to show you. Listen to Someplace Better here! The LeadBoots album “Someplace Better” is fantastic! It has a great mix of old and new indie rock inspiration and we can’t get enough of it…

Sacrifice is a recently released Alternative Hip Hop track from Jimmy B Fearless: don’t miss out!

NEW MUSIC ALERT! We’ve got music from Jimmy B Fearless! Today we’re featuring Sacrifice.

#SongReview Zhake releases the alternative single Changing Seasons 

“Music is my passion, and I am ready to leave my legacy.. It will be great! I did not travel halfway around the world to be another brick in the wall, so just watch me I’ll be great someday” – Zhake

#SongReview Check out Lawd Cheezus latest Hip Hop track: I Ain’t Got It All

I Ain’t Got It All by Lawd Cheezus is a definite highlight, with captivating melodies, a relatable theme that is packaged in a unique way, and great hip-hop storytelling.

Entertainment for Social Good: Music is “On The Way” to help us heal and recover from The Pandemic. Check out this upcoming international campaign…

According to the organizer of the “ON THE WAY” charity campaign, “This campaign aims to give hope to those barely getting by regardless of culture, race, religion, language, and generation, that there is a better world awaiting them.” A global charity to overcome the above problems is ‘ON THE WAY,’ the purpose of this campaignContinue reading “Entertainment for Social Good: Music is “On The Way” to help us heal and recover from The Pandemic. Check out this upcoming international campaign…”

#NewMusic Ari Lennox is back with her sophomore album: age/sex/location! Listen Now…

Ari Lennox’s sophomore album is finally here…

#ArtistSpotlight Exclusive Interview with Jared Matthew…Check out Jared Matthew’s latest Rap/ Hip Hop track: “Sun Will Shine” here! 

Modern Soulful Music (MSM:) What made you decide to jump into the music industry or music business?

Jared Matthew (JM:) Passion to create. I honestly believe there is nothing else like it in the world. The feeling you get expressing yourself through a song is incomparable. I love the idea of starting with a blank canvas and creating a song or album.

#SongReview KAR33M & Banggz shares original afro-soul single: Forever

KAR33M is an Afro-Soul artist that creates narrative-style music to provide a unique perspective. He recalls his first attraction towards music at a young age when he listened to talented artists and lyricists creating multifaceted music across genres like Afrobeat, Hip-Hop, R&B and Soul.